Music from Barbados – Rihanna

Did you ever notice that the glamour-pop singer Rihanna is from Barbados? I didn’t so far! But she was born in Saint Michael on Barbados in 1988. Today, she’s best known for pop, R&B and even dancehall and hip-hop music and as an actress. Of course, her music reaches the charts regulary and won already many awards. Here’s a great remix(I prefer the remix instead the original) of her song “Umbrella”. Updated song for you!

Music from Germany – Underset

Sorry, my time for blogging is not much these weeks, but I hope the rest of our great team will introduce you into new music too. Here’s “Berlin”, from Underset:

Music from Sweden – Avicii

Avicii, born in 1989 as Tim Bergling, is a great and well known swedish DJ and remixer performing house, electro house and electro music. Here’s his nice song “Blessed”. Turn up the beat!!

Music from the US – Kid Cudi

Here’s a great remix of Pursuit Of Happiness from Kid Cudi, an US-american rapper. This song is also part of the Project X soundtrack. Turn up the bass^^

Music from the US – Yoni Einhorn

Yoni Einhorn is a Chicago based mashup DJ from Florida. Here’s his nice song “One Call Away”:


Music from Germany / US – Billy Idol (Black & Jones)

German electronic duo Black & Jones have released an album So80s (so eighties) presents Billy Idol.  It is a 2012 collection of remixes and album version of Billy Idols biggest hits.  This is Billy Idols classic song “White Wedding”.