Music from the UK – Hannah Williams and the Tastemakers

Good old soul music from the wonderful lady from the UK and her band the tastemakers , Hear her wonderful , sometimes hard and strong volominous  voice and her song – we can work it out – really a great song

As a daughter of a preacher , soul and gospel music has been part of her life; she is really the queen of deep soul


Music from the UK: Hustler

In the early 70’s the UK produced a number of great bands that never quite hit the big time, and HUSTLER were one such band. With a line-up that mirrored Deep Purple, they nevertheless approached their music with a healthy dose of humour and diminutive Norman Wisdom lookalike frontman Steve Haynes possessed all the showbiz savvy and a gravel-tinged voice to boot, with which to deliver their songs. Although they were capable of serious rock,they are perhaps best known for the Cockney anthem ‘Get outta me ‘ouse’ , a glorious Small Faces pastiche that rocks up a treat.

I was lucky enough to see them live in the 70’s and they could really deliver.

With Kenny Daughter’s virtuoso keyboards and the very distinctive sound of guitarist Mickey Llewelyn’s Flying V, Hustler had a lot going for them. the usually difficult second album didn’t seem a problem, with great tracks abounding, and produced by the producer of the moment, Queen’s Roy Thomas Baker. But punk was just around the corner, and this bands bloom withered on the vine, a victim of timing. But listen now, to the two sides of Hustler, the funny and the serious. Mickey takes lead vocal on ‘Get outta me ‘ouse’ but check the great rock’n’roll Paul Rodgers-inspired voice of Steve on Night Creeper, taken from their second album.

Kev Moore