Music from the US – Rise Against

Rise Against, formed in 1999 is an US-american punk rock group from Chicago. Their song “Hero Of War” is a great song about the soldiers fighting for peace.

Music from Australia – The Rumjacks

The Rumjacks are an australian celtic folk and punk group from Sydney, Australia, formed in 2008. With their awesome song “An Irish Pub Song”, they had a huge success on YouTube so far!

Music from the US – Flogging Molly

Flogging Molly is an US-american celtic punk band from California formed in 1997. Here’s their song “Drunken Lullabies”:

Music from Australia – Drunk Mums

Drunk Mums – a garage high psychedelic Punk band from melbourne Victoria Australia according to their bandcamp info. , Members are Jake Doyle – Guitar & Vocals
Dean Whitby – Guitar & VocalsJonny Badlove – Drums & VocalsAdam Ritchie – Bass & VocalsIsaac Forsyth – Tambourine

Don´t now when they have founded, who cares ,  it´s good that they are here , here is their song “Eventual Ghost”

this video is going viral currently , the soundtrack comes from – Drunk Mums

Music from the UK – Adam and the Ants

my Post Number 400 on world music ^^

Adam and the Ants were a British rock band active during the late 1970s and early 1980s. The original group, which existed from 1977 to 1982, became notable as a cult band marking the transition from the late-1970s punk rock era to the post-punk and New Wave era.Prior to the Ants, Adam Ant (born Stuart Leslie Goddard) played bass in pub rock group Bazooka Joe, now primarily known as the band that headlined when the Sex Pistols played their first concert on 6 November 1975 at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. After witnessing this, Adam quit the band with the intention of forming his own, inspired by the Sex Pistols. (wkipedia ) Adam Ant had yesterday his 58th birthday , here is his song Prince charming performed 2012, do you remember the dance ?? haha :-)

and another one Killer in the Home

Music from the UK – The Sex Pistols

Happy Birthday – on 28th of octobre in 1977 , 35 years ago , the Sex Pistols released their most famous album “Never mind the Bollocks ” what a great B-Day !

Here is the full album , if you are in the mood for a punk n pogo party ^^ Here are the Sex Pistols

Music from the US – Brother Inferior

Brother Inferior is a punk band from the US . (Or what they call it today , i´m astonished ) Thats not Punk music as you would expect it, it reminds me more on the music of another punk band from thge US – Hüsker Dü . Here is a protest song “One for the resistance”

Music from the UK – Crass

Crass were an active anarcho Punk band from England  from 1977 to 1984. Crass understood his commitment especially as directly political – music and subculture were therefore only means to an end.(google translator :-) )

For me , the godfathers of punkmusic regarding  their ideology. Here is there song “If there was no government ”

If there was no government, wouldn’t there be chaos
Everybody running round, setting petrol bombs off?
And if there was no police force, tell me what you’d do
If thirty thousand rioters came running after you?
And who would clean the sewers? Who’d mend my television?
Wouldn’t people lay about without some supervision?
Who’d drive the fire engines? Who’d fix my video?
If there were no prisons, well, where would robbers go?

And what if I told you to Fuck Off?

What if there’s no army to stop a big invasion?
Who’d clean the bogs and sweep the floors? We’d have all immigration.
Who’d pull the pint at the local pub? Where’d I get my fags?
Who’d empty out my dustbins? Would I still get plastic bags?
If there were no hospitals, and no doctors too,
If I’d broken both my legs, where would I run to?
If there’s no medication, if there were no nurses,
Wouldn’t people die a lot? And who would drive the hearses?

And what if I told you to Fuck Off?

If there were no butchers shops, what would people eat?
You’d have everybody starving if they didn’t get their meat.
If there was no water, what would people drink?
Who’d flush away the you-know-what? But of course MINE never stink.
What about the children? Who’d teach them in the schools?
Who’d make the beggers keep in line? Learn them all the rules?
Who’s tell us whitewash windows? When to take down doors?
Tell us make a flask of tea and survive the holocaust?

Music from the UK – Siouxsie and the Banshees

Siouxsie and the Banshees , founded in 1976 in London were a British rock band. They are considered one of the most important bands of the post-punk and dark wave movement.

Here is their song ”  Neferititi – Kiss them  for me ”

here also the original video clip

Music from the US – Man or Astroman ?

Man or Astro-man? is a surf rock group that formed in Auburn, Alabama, in the early 1990s and came to prominence over the following decade. Primarily instrumental, Man or Astro-man? blended the surf rock style of the early 1960s like that of Dick Dale and The Spotnicks with the new waveand punk rock sounds of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Man or Astro-man? was known for their anachronistic dedication to science fiction themes,audio samples, obscure electronic devices (such as theremins and tesla coils), and high-energy live performances. Their earlier albums like Is It … Man or Astroman? and Destroy All Astromen! were known for their traditional surf rock instrumentation and sci-fi sound bite song introductions, but their later albums like EEVIAC… and A Spectrum of Infinite Scale were known for their use of synthesizers, printers (like the Apple ImageWriter II), and their more abstract, experimental sound. Their recordings were often peppered with sound bites from forgotten science fiction films and TV shows.

The group took its name from the American poster version of the film The Human Vapor (wikipedia)