Music from Italy – Forty Winks

To take forty winks is to take a nap for a short period of time (usually not in bed), or to take a short sleep during the day.(wikipedia)

Forty Winks is an italian Punk Band formed 1998 in Bologna , Italy .

Here is their song “Beneath her feet ”


Music from the UK – The Vaccines

The Vaccines , a band which formed 2010 in London UK .  The Band describe their musical influences as  …… „…50s rock ‘n’ roll, ’60s garage and girl groups, ’70s punk, ’80s American hardcore, C86 and good pop music.“, When i saw them this year on the Southside Festival i immediately thought , the Ramones entered a time machine and visited us in 2013, amazing .

Here is their song “Wreckin Bar (Ra Ra Ra ) –   Hey ho , let´s go !

(the song starts at 3:53, the clip shows the whole gig at Reading Festival )


Music from Germany – Nina Hagen

Catherine “Nina” Hagen (born 11 March 1955 in Berlin) is a German singer, actress and songwriter. Considered the German Godmother of Punk.

Since 1982 , when her Band “Nina Hagen Band ” was founded she made music , in her long career she tried a lot of musical genres and often played together with different other musicans.

Nina is really a multifaceted  musician.

Her is her song “Heiss ” from her debut album (because it´s so hot here in germany currently )

with Apocalyptica

Music from the US – Gary Storm

Gary Storm is an US-american musician. His nice song “(The Cover of a) Punk Magazine” is a celebration of independent punk journalism, really an interesting piece!

Music from Canada – Jenny Woo

Jenny Woo, born and raised in Alberta , Canada played together with a lot of Oi and punk bands , until she created her own style of acoustic Oi music . Here is her song “Stronger”

and a cover from the Clash classic “Should i stay or should i go ”


Music from Argentina – Todos Tus Muertos

Todos Tus Muertos is a punk and reggae band from Argentina created in 1985. In 1986 they recorded their first demo called Noches Agitadas en el Cementerio. In 1988, a self-named album was released. After three years of recording, in 1990 a second album was released called Nena de Hiroshima. After the second album Fidel was invited to collaborate with Mano Negra. Along with Manu Chao and the rest of Mano Negra, they went to Colombia where they recorded La Casa Babylon.(wikipedia)

If you hear the track , you think first- this got nothing in common with punk music but the sound ´s familiar to the one of Manu Chao ( think most of you have already heard them ) The sound is quite different , but unique , here is their song Adelita


Music from India – Punkh

Punkh, formed in 2003 in Germany are an Indian ‘World-Rock-Metal’ and Experimental band from New Dehli. They recently released their new E.P titled “Karmah”, which was recorded, produced and mastered in Germany by one of Europe’s leading Under-ground Nu-Metal/Nu-Wave producers: Markcus Tescke. Take a listen to their nice EP!

Music from the US – The Misfits

Misfits is the name of an American punk band. She is considered the founder of the horror punk that includes topics such as from horror films. The band had strong influences on American punk rock (NOFX, Pennywise, AFI, etc.) and also in the metal scene (Metallica, Megadeth, etc.) The name comes from an eponymous film starring Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable

Here is their song “Little >Caress ” from 1980, if you don´t like the sound ,have a look on the video clip – Rock N Roll Dance at his best ^^

Music from the US – Tim Armstrong

Tim Armstrong,also known as Lint, born in 1965, is an US-american Gramm Award winning musician. His music is a great mix of ska, punk and reggae. Here’s his awesome good song “Into Action”: