Music from the US – R.I.P. Tommy Ramone

New York – They were the prototype of the punk band – now with Tommy Ramone also the last original member of the Ramones died: born Erdélyi Tamás Hungary drummer died at the age of 62 years to cancer. This was announced by Andy Schwartz, the former editor of Punk magazine “New York Rocker” with.

Music from Estonia – Vinger Singer

Singer Vinger is an Estonian punk rock band(til today ) . It was founded in 1986, before that being named Pära Trust (Backside trust, 1979–83), Turist(Tourist, 1983–84) and Aken (Window) among others; the name Singer Vinger was picked by authorities, because “Turist” was deemed inappropriate by the Soviet Estonian ministry of culture. Its leader, songwriter and singer is and has been throughout the name changes Hardi Volmer. Main themes in band’s songs are social-critic irony and humour.(wiki)

Here is their song “Massikommunikatsion” i don´t have to translate , hmmm ??

Music from Spain – Reincedentes

Reincedentes , a post punk group from Sevilla / Spain founded 1997.

Here is their song “Huracan” , please excuse me , i´m not speaking spanish , can´t offer you more information about them

Music from the US – Brother Inferior

Brother Inferior is a punk band from the US . (Or what they call it today , i´m astonished ) Thats not Punk music as you would expect it, it reminds me more on the music of another punk band from thge US – Hüsker Dü . Here is a protest song “One for the resistance”