Music from Puerto Rico – Sueno de Dahlia

Sueno de Dahlia is a Poprockband from Mayaguez / Puerto Rico . Here is  a song from their album “Marionetas” the acoustic version is really fine . (Sueno de Dahlia -translated Dahlias Dream )

Music from Puerto Rico – Tito El Bambino

Tito El Bambino is a well known reggaeton and latin-pop musician from Puerto Rico, born in 1981. From 1996 to 2004, he was active in the duo Héctor & Tito, where he became fame. In 2005 he started his solo career. Listen to his song “Dámelo”, from his brand new album Invicto:

Music from Puerto Rico – Joe Acosta

Joe Acosta, born in 1950, is a salsa musician from Puerto Rico, who also was a salso pioneer in the US. Here’s his 21 week Billborad Latin Top 10 single “I Need Her”:

Music from Puerto Rico – El Gran Combo

El Gran Combo, formed in 1962, is a salsa music orchestra from Puerto Rico. Here’s their song “Un verano en Nueva York”: