Music from Portugal – Bandarra

“Bandarra”, music project of Azores, with open arms in the head, sing portuguese popular songs. They tell stories of things and people. They sing with joy and energy because, as they say, in the islands of Azores never saw the sadness to feed anyone.

“Vamos à Praia”

Music from Portugal – Deolinda

Deolinda is a project from Lisbon (Portugal) inspired by fado and its traditional roots in order to create original songs based on portuguese traditional and popular music.

For today I chose the song “Um Contra o Outro”(One Against the Other). This song appreciates the traditional portuguese games in which one loses and and the other wins and… the need to give their hands . The video was recorded in the beautiful city of Lisbon, the city where I was born.

You can hear another song from this group called “Clandestino

Music from Portugal – Madredeus

Today I present to you another song of Madredeus, one of my favorites!
This song, “Guitarra”, is part of a movie about Lisbon – ‘Lisbon Story “(1994) – directed by Wim Wenders.
I’ve done ​​reference to this song  twice (I think); some of the visitors know Madredeus, so, I think it deserves a post.