Music from Portugal – ATMA

“Atma” is a group of portuguese “World Music”. “Portuguese” because there is almost always a Portuguese guitar and they sung in Portuguese.
“World” because they travel with love and curiosity for many other latitudes and musical geographies: Maghreb, Lusophone Africa, Latin America, India, etc … 

António Pires, in Time Out, 2010.

The song “Recomeços”

Music from Portugal – Mísia

Mísia is a Portuguese fado singer, born in 1955 in Porto, Portugal. Mísia is a polyglot. Despite singing mostly fado, she sings some of her themes in Spanish, French, Catalan, English and even Japanese. Mísia depicts herself as a cabaret dancer living in the “Drama Box Hotel” with her musicians.

Her song “Liberdades Poéticas”

Music from Portugal – A Naifa

A Naifa is a Portuguese musical project born in 2004, which combines the classical languages of fado with the pop-rock.
The group was founded by Louis Varatojo, Maria Antonia Mendes, Joao Vaz Aguardela and Vasco Vaz. The group’s songs are created from poems by Portuguese authors as Adília Lopes, José Mário Silva and José Luís Peixoto.
Their song: “Monotone”
The presentation of the album “Esta Depressão que me Anima” – I like it very much! I love their concerts!

Music from Portugal – Fado

Today I leave you in a Fado House (“Casa do Fado” in portuguese language) with many fado singers –  Pedro Moutinho, Ana Sofia Varela, Ricardo Ribeiro, Carminho, D. Vicente da Câmara, Maria da Nazaré and musicians of portuguese guitar – Pedro Castro e José Luis Nobre Costa. I chose this video for you feel a little bit of the environment of the houses of Lisbon where the fado is sung.

If you ever come to Lisbon, choose Alfama or Bairro Alto to hear fado comes into your soul :) Probably you can’t see this video in Germany… :(

Music from Portugal – Carlos Paredes

Carlos Paredes, the great master of the portuguese guitar, was born in 1925 and died in 2004. He began playing guitar at age four and began his musical career at age eleven.

I present him playing the theme “Verdes Anos”

Music from Portugal – Dead Combo

Dead Combo, a band of two portuguese men, Tó Trips and Pedro Gonçalves, released their 1st album in 2004. The sound you hear is the portuguese guitar.

Lisbon is the city in the photo and the song, “Esse Olhar Que Era Só Teu” (that look that was just your).