Music from Colombia – Esteman

Esteman, born as Esteban Mateus Williamso in 1984 is a colombian singer and composer of pop, indie-pop and folk music from Bogota. Listen to his wonderful song “Aqui estoy yo” featuring Andrea Echeverri:

Music from Finland – French Films

French Films is a band from Helsinki, Finland. Their music is a mix of dream pop and indie music. Listen to their nice song “Latter Days”, from 2013:

Music from Benin – Ifé

Ifé, a beninese singer has released a new  album full of world, afro pop and jazz music. Arranged by Lionel Loueke, who already worked with e.g. Angelique Kidjo. Listen to her first EP “Agbaleleman”:

Music from The US/France – Freedom Fry

Freedom Fry is made up of Parisian-born Marie Seyrat and Michigan-native Bruce Driscoll, together they make indie pop music.  The band released two Ep’s and gained some notoriety for the song “Earthquake” which was released Feb. 2012. off the first EP.  The second EP was a wild west themed EP, featuring a banjo driven cover as well as songs about Billy the Kid and Jesse James.  Freedom Fry have stated that they strive for one main thing, “To be as original as can be.”  This is their single “Summer in the City.”

Music from Moldova – O-Zone

O-Zone, active from 1999 to 2005 were a moldovan pop music trio. With their pop and eurodance songs, they had a huge success in Europe. Their single “Dragostea din tei” was a summerhit in germany in 2004 and reached a #1 in more than 10 countries:

Music from the US – Frank Ocean

Read about his new album this morning in the newspaper, and listened to some of his songs, and I’m impressed! Franke Ocean, born in 1987, is an US-american pop and R&B musician who released his first studio album channel Orange Juli 10, 2012. Here’s his great song “Pink Matter” from one of the best pop and R&B albums in 2012:


Music from the UK – White Lies

White Lies are an English rock/pop band that formed in 2007.  In 2009 they released their debut album To Loose My Life … and in 2011 they released the album Ritual.  This is their very cool song and video “Bigger Than Us”, the video is a homage to Steven Spielberg’s 1982 film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.   The character of E.T. is played by a large “Bigger than Us” candy bar which contains a young girl.  There are many references to the film featured in the video.

Music from France – La Femme

This may be the first surf-rock band to hail from France.  The band, from Paris, walks the line between avant-pop and surf-rock.  Their songs can light hearted or aggressively dark depending on their mood.  They have just released a new album Paris.   This is their song “Sur la Panche”.

Music from Australia – Emma Hewitt

Emma Hewitt is an Australian born songwriter/vocalist.  She burst onto the international dance scene in 2006.  She is also co-writer and featured vocalist on Chris Lakes hit single “Carry me Away” .  Emma was a new album Burn the Sky Down”, what a beautiful voice.  This is her single “Colours”.