Music from Albania – Gena

Gena is an albanian musician from Berat. His music is a great mix of pop, folk and acoustic sounds. Listen to his fantastic song “Aman”:

Music from Germany – Mrs. Greenbird

Mrs. Greenbird is a pop folk duo from germany, they ´ve won the german  talent competition “X-Factor ” in 2012. The duo consist of Sarah Nücken (vocals ) and Steffen Brückner (guitar/vocals) .They´ve released an album in 2012 ( which was completely sold out in our region before christmas )  Here is their song

“Shooting Stars and Fairy Tales ”

Music from Kazakhstan – Urker

Urker ( Kazakh: Үркер, Russian: Уркер) is a Kazakh pop-folk group established in 1994. They have toured internationally in Germany, France, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and the United States.

Urker a rock band from Kazakhstan here with their song “Tugan Elim” , hear the sound of folkloric guitars combined with modern rock music , awesome

Music from Argentina – León Gieco

León Gieco, born in 1951, is a great pop-folk composer and musician from Argentina. Here’s his nice song “Hoy Bailaré“:

Thanks María for telling me this one!