Music from France/Canada – Simple Plan

Simple Plan is a french-canadian pop band, formed in 1999. Listen to their great song “This Song Saved My Life”:

Music from Germany – Fatlaces

Fatlaces is a german funk pop band. I’ve once already presented their song Tulips and now want to show you their brand-new music video “Paper Clown”:

Thanks for this suggestion Alexander Nutz!

Music from Germany – Dschingis Khan

Dschingis Khan was a german disco pop band, formed in 1979. Their single “Moskau” was a #1 in Austria for six weeks. Here’s a nice mix:


Music from the US – Olin & The Moon

This is one of the bands, I could never ever get enough! Olin & The Moon, an US-american folk-pop band. Here’s one of my favourite songs, “Another One Down”:

Music from the UK – The Kinks

I think most of you know this british rock and pop band. They really had a huge success in the 70s. Yeah, I mean the Kinks, and will present you their song “Apeman”, hope you like or even remember it…

Music from Germany – Boney M.

Boney M. is a vocal group, created by a german producer in 1975. So, they were another german eurodance and pop band with huge success in the 1970s. Here’s their great classic “Sunny”: