Music from Germany/Uk – Peaches

And now something political :Berlin, August 8th 2012: About 400 people joined Peaches on the street to show support for the members of Russian conceptual art punk activist band, Pussy Riot, 3 of which are on trial for performing a “punk prayer” against President Vladimir Putin.  In addition, people from all over the world have contributed their own mini-protest videos calling for the release of Pussy Riot.

Please forgive me-  first of all,  as a religious man, i was in doubt about Pussy Riots “Punk prayer” in a church i don´t know wheather it´s the right place for political protest , but the reaction of the russian government seemed to be too hard for me on the other side, up to 7 years prison for that ??  . In my opinion this blog  should notbe  political nor religious , but in the name of justice is ask Mr. Putin to free Pussy Riot !

Music from Canada/Germany – Peaches

Merrill Beth Nisker (born November 11, 1966), better known by her stage name Peaches, is a Canadian electronic musician and performance artist who lives in Berlin, Germany. Her songs are noted for disregarding traditional gender norms and their use of sexually explicit lyrics. She plays her own instruments for her songs, programs her own electronic beats, and produces her own albums. This song remembers me a little bit on Kylie Minogues song “Can´t get you outta my head ” but only a little ^^  here is ” I feel Cream ”