Music from Pakistan – Badar Ali Khan

Badar Miandad (17 February 1962 – 2 March 2007), also known as Badar Ali Khan, was a Pakistani singer and Qawwal. He released 22 albums in Pakistan. Several albums were also released under U.K. and Indian labels.

The cousin of late qawwali legend Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Badar Ali Khan kept the family musical tradition alive in the wake of the former’s death. His recordings include 1997’s Lost in Qawwali and the following year’s sequel. A third volume followed in 2001.The song, Black Night, was featured on his third album, Lost in Qawwali III and was featured in hit AMC series Breaking Bad (Season 3, Episode 7)

Music from the UK – Naughty Boy

Naughty Boy, born as Shahid Khan is a british songwriter, born in 1985. He was porn to pakistani parents in London and studied Business and Marketing but dropped out after the first semester. After some jobs, he followed his dream to make his own music. Listen to his successfull song “La la la” featuring Sam Smith:

Music from Pakistan/the US – Nadia Ali

Nadia Ali is a pakistani-american singer born in 1980. She is best known for electronic dance music. Listen to her nice piece “Rapture”:

Music from Pakistan – Manzil-e-Sufi & Sanam Marvi

Sanam Marvi, born in 1986, is a pakistani folk music singer. She was born into a muslim family, so it’s even more amazing, that she is now known for her nice music. Listen to her and Manzil-e-Sufi on the Coke Studio Session 3:

Music from Pakistan – Saira Naseem

The birth of a child is cause for special musical celebration. Traditional puppeteers play on the doira, qayroq, surnay and nag’ora. There are other variations, and folk songs like “Naat” and “Munojot”, performed at the circumcision ceremony of a male child. Here is Saira Naseem with a “Naat ” called  Shah-e-Madina .