Music from Burkina Faso – Jah Vérité

Jah Vérité is an unknown burkinabé reggae artist. Listen to his nice song “Ma Patrie”:


Music from Burkina Faso – Jézy

Jézy is a Burkinabé reggae musician. Listen to his nice song “Bahdouba”:

Music from Burkina Faso – Keyt ft. Mawndoé

Keyt is a burkinabe singer, who lost his sight very young. Here’s his song “Mon Histoire”, featuring Mawndoé(I already often told you about him):

Music from Burkina-Faso – Alif Naaba

Alif Naaba (the “Barefoot Prince”)  from Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso. This is what somebody said about him “Atop pulsating polyrhythmic percussion, harp-like kora textures, and funky bass and guitar riffs, Naaba’s majestic voice invites an audience to become citizens of his colorful acoustic Afro-pop kingdom” and that is true. Listen “Daare”