Music from Guinea – Fodé Baro

Fodé Baro, is a Guinean musician performing Afro-Zouk and folk music. Born in a Fulani-Mandingo notable family of the city of Kankan, where many griots come from, Fodé Baro is the exception to the rule according which, only griots can make music in Guinea.
From his early childhood, Fodé Baro is enchanted by the talent of the one called “the dragon of African song” aka Aboubacar Demba Camara, outstanding guinean artist from the 70s. As a teenager, Fode excels in the artistic subjects such as theatre and music… and starts playing n’goni and guitar. But for his parents, a young man of his rank cannot tarnish with artists; it would be a humiliation for the family. Here is the song “Yanfante”


Music from the US – Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling, born in 1986, is an american violinist. She is famous for her choreographed violin performances. She is kind of crazy, but the violin and the electronic sounds fit together perfectly. Listen to her great single “Crystallize”:

Music from the US – Samuel R. Hazo

Samuel R. Hazo , born 1966 in Pittsburgh /Pennsylvania  is a composer , the first composer in history to be awarded the winner of both composition contests sponsored by the National Band Association.

Here is his song Arabesque , a oriental piece performed by an orchestra


Music from Sri Lanka – Dinesh Subasinghe

In 2010, Sri-Lankan composer, Dinesh Subasinghe wrote the first ever Buddhist oratorio in the world. He contributed a pivotal role to Sri-Lankan movies and TV series music by combining world music genres and Sri-Lankan music. He is a dynamic orchestrator and he brought a new background musical sound to Sri-Lankan cinema.In 2007, Dinesh Subasinghe introduced the ancient instrument Ravanahatha to Sri-lankan music. he brought some unique playing style and few texture changers to This ancient instrument belongs to the Ravan era.He was the first Sri-Lankan student to attend the KM music conservatory run by Oscar winning composer A.R.Rahman.He is a phenomenal composer for pop music as well as classical music. He and his band Dee R Cee members brought a huge change to local concert audience