Music from Canada – Roxanna

Roxanna is a canadian pop music singer from Ontario, Canada. In her music, you can realy hear her world-wide influence. Here’s her great new single “Unforgotten”:

Music from Canada – Whitehorse

Whitehorse is a Canadian folk, pop and rock band, formed in 2011 in Hamilton. Listen to their catchy song “Devil’s Got A Gun”:

Thanks for this awesome suggestion Sheryl!

Music from Canada – Heather Janssen

Heather Janssen is a talented singer from Ontario, Canada, best known for her great covers. Listen to “We Don’t Eat”, by James Vincent MCMorrow:

Music from Canada – Honeyman and the Brothers Farr

Honeyman and the Brothers Farr are a roots pop band based out of Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec.

Honeyman and the Brothers Farr – © 2009 Sam Benoit

They won the Avett Brothers’ “Live and Die” cover contest, and their submission isn’t only what I think is the best cover ever, but also the most amazing music in general that I have listened to in quite a while.

Could this get any better? The answer is no, no it couldn’t.

I couldn’t agree more with YouTube user Margaritamix566. Although they are only three it sounds like a choir singing. They have very powerful voices and sing beautiful harmonies which results in a divine sound.

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Music from Canada – Epigram

Funny, today I’m (just) finding a lot of great canadian music :)

This song is called “I’m Sorry, I’m Lost”, from the Ontario-based ambient and indie band Epigram. Really worth listening!

Music from Canada – Danko Jones

Danko Jones is a Canadian rock band from Toronto, Ontario. The band consists of Danko Jones (vocals/guitar), John ‘JC’ Calabrese (bass guitar) and Atom Willard (drums). Formed in 1996 , they play Hard Rock /Metal , with a great intensity here is their song First Date

Music from Canada – Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin, born in 1969, is a canadian rock, world, folk and blues musician from Ontario. Here’s his song “Black Snake Blues“:

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