Music from the UK – Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton, born in 1945, is an english rock and blues musician, also well known as Slowhand. He is probably one of the most famous musicians of the last 50 years worldwide. Of course, he also won many awards and is ranked 2nd in the Rolling Stones Magazine for the 100 best guitarist of all time. On 12 march 2013, he’ll release a new album called ‘Old Sock’. Listen a song from it called “Gotta Get Over”:

Also listen to his damn awesome classic “Tears in Heaven”, a tribute song to his son Connor, who already died in the age of 4 years.

Also listen to him with JJ Cale here. Great pieces!

Music from Barbados/the US – Grandmaster Flash

Joseph Saddler, better known as Grandmaster Flash, is an US-american old school rapper, born in Barbados in 1958.  Here’s his track called “The Message“, an old school hip-hop classic: