Music from Algeria – Nadir Leghrib

Born in 1984, Nadir Leghrib is a young artist “bonois” . He became known at first by his covers of the grungeband “Nirvana”  hence the nickname “Nadir Nirvana.” Thereafter, he began to write his own lyrics and composing his own music. He created a new style which  could be called the “chaabi-grunge.” This is poetry from the current popular language which was born . A funny and moving  language.
In his songs, he sings about  the daily life of young Algerian : social problems, heart, disillusionment. (translation of the Youtube-video comment )

Here is his song “Win Houma”

Music from the US – Pagoda

Pagoda is a band formed in 2005 by singer and guitarist Michael Pitt . Looks like  and sounds like another Grunge star ? yes you feel  right , Michael represented in the 2005 movie “Last days ” the best and all time King of Grunge music Kurt Cobain , however  the main person in this film is not named after him but “Blake” ….. here is the “Happy song”