Music from the UK – Peace

Peace are an English Indie band based in Birmingham.  Peace have already fired off impressive salvos in last year’s “Follow Baby” single off the Delicious EP.  They have now released their debut album In Love.  Peace is nominated this year for Sound of 2013 by BBC and Best New Band by NME.  This is their new single “Bloodshake.”

Music from Scotland – Casual Sex

Casual Sex are a new indie band out of Glascow.  They are being called ‘the new Franz Ferdinand’.  This is their debut single “Stroh 80” – “about being caught doing the nasty with your girlfriend’s pal in the aftermath of a drug party on the floor of a local occultist”, according to frontman Sam Smith.

Music from Australia – Josef Salvat

Australia’s new Goyte?  Josef Salvat is an Australian  indie singer-songwriter.  He has just released his first single “This Life”.  His debut album is to released March 25th.

Music from the US – Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon are an indie rock back from Ohio.  They released their debut self titled album last year and have been gaining traction since.  This is their great song “Anna Sun.”


Music from Australia – Last Dinosaurs

Last Dinosaurs are a new indie band out of Brisbane.  They’re all aged between 18 and 22, three of them are Japanese-Australian, and most of the album was written by singer-guitarist Sean Caskey following a relationship break-up.  They have released their debut album In a Million Years.  This is their song “Honolulu” off of this album.