Music from Austria – Gin Ga

Gin Ga is a Alternative-/Popband from Vienna, Austria and Manchester, England founded 2003 , consisting of Alex Konrad (vocals, guitar), Emanuel Donner (violin, vocals, other instruments), Wihlidal Clement (guitar, synthesizers and other instruments), Matias Meno (drums, percussion) and James Stelfox (bass).

Today they released their new album , this song “Dancer ” is from 2012

Music from the UK – Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath , founded 1969 is a Hard Rock Band from the UK .Their first singer Ozzy Osbourne , who left Black Sabbath in 1979 , started later a very successfull solo career . Now BS released a new studio album called “13”in June 2013, the first since the last one in 1995 and the first one together with Ozzy Osbourne as lead singer. In the meantime a lot of otherfamous rock singer has been the frontman of Black Sabbath as Ian Gillan or Ronny James Dio for example , but nothing vcompares to Ozzy ( believe me ) Here is their new song from their new album

and a classical song live on the Ozzfest “Iron Man”

Music from Benin – Ifé

Ifé, a beninese singer has released a new  album full of world, afro pop and jazz music. Arranged by Lionel Loueke, who already worked with e.g. Angelique Kidjo. Listen to her first EP “Agbaleleman”:

Music from the US – Matisyahu

Born in Pennsylvania, West Chester, US in 1979 as Matthew Miller, he began to wear dreadlocks in the age of 14 . Miller tries to connect his jewish roots with hip hop and reggae and created a new music style. Listen to his great song “Crossroads” in an Acoustic version:

Listen to his great other songs here

Music from the US – Michigan City Vandals

Really good guitar based rock music , a good voice and a nice video clip . Really love this new release from this February from the MCV . Hope you enjoy them too , with their songs Nerven ending and Tell Tale Heart .

Music from Puerto Rico – Tito El Bambino

Tito El Bambino is a well known reggaeton and latin-pop musician from Puerto Rico, born in 1981. From 1996 to 2004, he was active in the duo Héctor & Tito, where he became fame. In 2005 he started his solo career. Listen to his song “Dámelo”, from his brand new album Invicto:

Music from Burkina Faso – Malima Kone

Today, I was listening to some older songs here on our blog. Maybe you want to do this too, is really great to have so many different styles of music on every page…. Just enter , and replace the mmm through a page number (from 2-275)

Malima Kone was born 1984 in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, a country with 68 different languages and a music-based culture. In the 90s, he came to the US. Here’s his song “Dambe“, a song of a mother in tears who is worried about a better tomorrow for the children:

Music from Canda – Faber & Freedman

Faber & Freedman are a canadian jazz music duo. Like their relaxed rythms and the xylophone! Here’s their new album Recorded Adventures:

This was a Music-Suggestion from Arnold Faber, thanks!