Music from Italy/South Tyrol – Herbert Pixner

You’ve never heard about “Neue Volksmusik”? It’s the mix of (alpine) bavarian and austrian folk music with new influences as jazz, hip-hop and rock. And one of the best known represantives is Herbert Pixner from Meran, South Tyrol.

Komisch Pannonisch, 2010

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Music from Austria – HMBC

HMBC, also known as Holstuonarmusigbigbandclub is another austrian band performing the “Neue Volksmusik”, formed in 2003. Here’s their great song “Vo Mello bis ge Schoppornou“, a #2 song in 2010:

Music from Austria – Hubert von Goisern & Die Alpinkatzen

Hubert van Goisern is an austrian musician, performing “Neue Volksmusik”, and alpine rock, mixed with World Music. Here’s his song “Hearst as nit“, live in munich in 1992, together with the band Die Alpinkatzen:

Listen to his song Brenna tuats guad here