Music from the US – Vonagarden // Indie

Vonagarden is an US-american indie folk band from Nashville. Found this nice description on their ReverbNation site:

Vonagarden is an organic garden of hope. A band of friends creating a new sound filled with positive vibrations. Vona means “hope” in Icelandic. The founder, Garrett Miller’s vision is to bring refreshment to the hearts of people with sound that personifies the joy of rainfall after a drought, and sunlight on land to create a garden in the hearts of listeners….a vonagarden.

Have a listen to their nice song “After All You Have Done”:

Music from the US – Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald

Nikki Reed, born in 1988, is an US-america actor, autor and singer from L.A.. Paul McDonald from Nashville is an US-american rock musician. In 2011 he met the actress Nikki Reed and after some datings, they became a couple and married. Later they seperated in 2014. Listen to their song “All I’ve Ever Needed”:

Music from the US – Dinner and a Suit

Dinner And A Suit is an American rock band based in Nashville, Tennessee, formed in 2008. The band is composed of cousins Jonathan Capeci (vocals/guitar), Joey Beretta (guitar/vocals) and Anthony Genca (bass). Listen to the first single called “Can’t Get Enough” from their brand new EP “Stay” which is set for release on October 7:

Music from the US – The Silver Seas

The Silver Seas, formerly The Bees (U.S.), are a pop-rock band from Nashville, Tennessee, that formed when producer Jason Lehning met singer-songwriter Daniel Tashian, son of Barry and Holly Tashian

Here is their song “Catch yer own train”

Music from the US – Waylon Jennings

Waylond Arnold “Waylon” Jennings (born June 15, 1937 in Littlefield, Texas, † 13 February 2002 in Chandler, Arizona) was an American country music singer and musician. He was next to Willie Nelson’s one of the most successful singers of the outlaw movement. His surname was Waymore.

1958 he met the Rock n Roll Star Buddy Holly , who just separated from his band The Cricket and searched new band members , he played afterwards the bass guitar in Buddy´s new band. Due to a lucky incident he survived the plane crash from Buddy Holly ,t he Big Bobber and Richie Valns and the other band members , because he gave his place in the accident plane to another band member and took the bus to the next gig.

Later in Nashille  he met Jonny Cash, he shared an appartment  with him  and they became friends and have been later well known as “the Hellraisers”

Here is his song “The Wild Ones ”

Music from the US – The Dead Weather

The Dead Weather is an American rock band, a so-called “Supergroup ” formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 2009. Supergroup , because it´s compose of members of other well-known bands like Alison Mosshart (of The Kills andDiscount), Jack White (of The White Stripes and The Raconteurs), Dean Fertita (of Queens of the Stone Age) and Jack Lawrence (of The Raconteurs and The Greenhornes)

Here is their debut single “Hang you from the Heavens”

and “will here be enough water ”

Music from the US – Rory Hoffman

Rory Hoffman is a Nashville based guitarist, keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist. Raised on a small ranch in North Dakota, Rory grew up recording and touring with the family Gospel band. He started teaching himself to play guitar and piano at age 3. By age 5 he was the drummer in the family band. He currently plays over a dozen stringed, keyboard and wind instruments. Rory is a blind guitarist like Jeff Healey and he use to play the guitar on his knees like Jeff  , see him playing Les feuilles mortes , i think must be in english the title autumn leaves

Music from the US – Pat Boone

Pat Boone, born in 1934, is an US-american 50s pop and rock and roll musician from Nashville. Here’s his song “Twixt Twelve and Twenty “:

This was a Music-Suggestion from Kenton, thanks!