Music from Namibia – Jackson Kaujeua

Jackson Kaujeua, full name Jackson Muningandu Kaujeua, (3 July 1953 – 27 May 2010) was a Namibian musician, composer and gospel singer, and a veteran of the Namibian struggle for independence. He sang in various Namibian languages including Afrikaans and English. Here is the song “Kalahari”

Music from Namibia – Ozoseua

I don´t know more about this Namibian woman but I like to much this music and hope you like too “Ozosewa”

Music from Namibia – Gal Level

Gal Level is an award-winning R&B girl duo from Windhoek, Namibia, made up of Daphne Willibard (1 April 1981) and Frieda Haindaka (1 February 1984). They are very popular in Southern Africa. Here´s their song “Falling In Love”

Music from Namibia – Ras Sheehama

Ras Sheehama, born in 1966 in northern Namibia is a Namibian reggae musician. The political pro-SWAPO stance of his father forced him into exile in 1979 to Angola and Zambia. During the time at a highschool in Lagos, Nigeria between 84 and 88 he played in several Reggae bands. Here´s his song “Pure Love”