Music from Australia – Xavier Rudd

Xavier Rudd, one of my favourite musicians, is an australian musician and digeridoo player from Torquay, Victoria. Listen to his awesome song “Spirit Brid”:

Listen to No Women No Cry

Music from the World – Caligola

Caligola is a worldwide project of musicians, founded in the 1970s. They got their nama Caligola in 2008, when a group of musicians joined the group. Listen to their hot song “My Sister Rising”:

Music from Germany – Marek Hemmann

Electro and minimal got very popular in the last years, and here in Germany we’ve some great musicians! Marek Hemmann, born in 1979 in Gera, is one of them! Here’s his great album “Freude am Tanzen”:

Music from Angola – Davide Zé

David Zé, full name David Gabriel Jose Ferreira (August 23, 1944 – May 27, 1977) was one of the greatest musicians of the Angolan history. Here is the song “Mona Ku Jimbre Manheno “

Music from Angola – Café Negro

Café-Negro is Angolan pop-rock band Founded in 2009, made up by six musicians. They released the first album called “A Safra” yesterday. Here is their song “Universo”

listen also  Kilapanga do Orfão