Music from Japan – FreeTEMPO

FreeTEMPO is a chilled music project from Japan. Listen to their nice song “Sky High”:

Music of the US – Where there is Love

To celebrate the diverse cultures and talents in the city of Dayton, Ohio, a wide array of musicians, singers and dancers came together to create “Where There Is Love,” a music video based on the eclectic globe-hopping imagery and sounds that define Playing For Change. The entire video was shot on-location in Dayton.

This project supports the nationally recognized initiative called “Welcome Dayton: Immigrant-Friendly City,” a plan that seeks to bridge communication barriers and cultural differences throughout the city. The varied performers and lyrical message of “Where There Is Love” are a powerful illustration of that plan as well as the goal of Playing For Change — connecting the world through music.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Laura Falkner, Eleni Prieto, Laura Rea, Ann Roberts, MB Hopkins & Daryl Gordon, Teri Schoch, Margaret Knapke, Gabriella Pickett, Jean Howat Berry, Doug Merk, Chris Wellbaum, Thom Meyer, Karl Berge, Janet Phillips & Feathers, Michael J. Boyd & The Radical Giraffe, Carillon Park, Five Rivers Metro Parks, Dayton Art Institute, Sunwatch Indian Village and Neon Movies.

Artists include (in order of appearance):
Puzzle of Light (Michael Bashaw, Sandy Bashaw, John Taylor, Erich Reith, Dick Roll); Amber Knicole; Edwin Corporan; Eric Lamboy; Gina Stough; Pourover (Dennis Rotterman, Lee Rotterman & Keith Wimberly); Michael Kotur; Frank Dixon; Leahy-Good (Rick Good & Sharon Leahy); Raymond Roach; Jay Martinez; Burundi Royal Court Drummers; DACA Tai Chi & Dance Group; and Seefari (Tom Carroll) (source YOUTUBE )

Music from the US – Celldweller

Celldweller was a music project  founded 1999 in   New York City,  by the American Klayton (born Scott Albert), who writes not only the texts himself , and later sings, but almost plays  all instruments in the studio . Generally, you  can describe the style of Celldweller as synth rock, whereby elements of industrial rock, nu metal, dubstep, techno, trance, drum ‘n’ bass and breakbeat are present.

Here is his song “Seven Sisters”

Music from Norway – Apoptygma Berzerk

Apoptygma Berzerk (short forms: APB, APOP) is a Norwegian music project that was founded in 1989 in Sarpsborg by Stephan L. Groth and Jon Erik Martinsen. Here is their song “Suffer in Silence ” released in 2002

Music from Austria – Klangkarussell

Klangkarussell is an Austrian electronin music project from Salzburg. Here’s one of their nice songs “Netzwerk”:

Music from the UK – Mike And The Mechanics

Mike And The Mechanics is the music project of Mike Rutherford, the Geneseis guitarist. They had a huge succes during the 80s and 90s. Here’s their nice song “Word Of Mouth”:

Music from the UK – Guru Josh Project

The Guru Josh Project is an English music project from Paul Walden, active since 1981. Here’s his hit single “Infinity” in the 2008 version: