Music from the US – Neulore

Neulore are a fantastic new alternative/indie band out of Nashville, Tennessee.  The band formed in 2009.  The band has released an EP Apples and Eve.  They have done a lot of live shows in order to get their songs to the masses.  They are touring the US in May so check out their Facebook page.  This is their great song, “Eve.”

Music from the US – Emmet Swimming

Emmet Swimming is a rock band from Virginia that was formed in 1990.  The band’s name is a misspelled reference to Emmett Till, who died after being shot and thrown into a river. “The idea of the name was basically that a 14-year-old boy should be swimming in the river, not dying in it,” said singer/founder Todd Watts.  The band has released four albums.  This is their song “Arlington.”

Music from the US – Dawes

Dawes are an American rock/folk band.  The band formed in 2009, they have released two albums and their new album Stories Don’t End is due April 9th.  This is their single “From a Window Seat” off the new album.

Music from the US – Capital Cities

Capital Cities are an indie pop duo from California.  They released a debut EP in 2011.  They have been working on a new album due for release this year and have announced a spring/summer US tour.  Their current single “Safe and Sound” is doing well on the US Alternative Charts.

Music from the US – Better Than Ezra

Better Than Ezra are an alternative band that formed in 1988.  The band was big in the ’90s and have released seven albums.  This is an incredible band and they still tour so look out for them.  This is one of my favorite songs of theirs “Our Last Night”

Music from the US – Dead Sara

Dead Sara are a four piece hard rock band from Los Angeles.  The band released their first studio album last year and received recognition with their single “weatherman”.  They now have a new video out “Lemon Scent” which is off the same self titled album.

Music from The US/France – Freedom Fry

Freedom Fry is made up of Parisian-born Marie Seyrat and Michigan-native Bruce Driscoll, together they make indie pop music.  The band released two Ep’s and gained some notoriety for the song “Earthquake” which was released Feb. 2012. off the first EP.  The second EP was a wild west themed EP, featuring a banjo driven cover as well as songs about Billy the Kid and Jesse James.  Freedom Fry have stated that they strive for one main thing, “To be as original as can be.”  This is their single “Summer in the City.”