Music from South Africa – The Parlotones

I had previously posted on The Parlotones but I am bringing this to you again as today on Facebook they announced that this video “Honey Spiders” has been nominated for Best Music Video Of the Year, as well as “Dragonflies and Astronauts” being nominated for Best Live DVD.  Well done guys and please if you haven’t seen this video previously you have to check it out!

Music from Canada/South Africa – Zaki Ibrahim

Zaki Ibrahim was born in Canada, she is the daughter of a South African father and a Scottish mother.  While growing up she traveled back and forth from Canada to South Africa.  She is a hip-hop/soul singer now based in Cape Town, South Africa.  She has a new album Every Opposite.  This is her song “The Do.”

Music from South Africa – Alen Abrahams

Alen Abrahams was scraping a living helping drivers park their cars in South Africa.  Marketer, Marlon Kruger, heard Abrahams singing and though he sounded like Michael Jackson.  She filmed him with her cell phone and uploaded it to YouTube.  Alen Abrahams is now a YouTube sensation in South Africa.  He sings mainly in his native language of Afrikaans.  Here is his song “Pam”.

Music from South Africa – The Parlotones

The Parlotones are an indie rock band out of South Africa.  They have had great success in South Africa and last year did an extensive US and Europe tour with their latest album Journey Through the Shadows.  The song I chose today is called “Honey” and is just one of the coolest videos!  If you like this video check this other post featuring the song “Overexposed“, also a classic video.

Music from South Africa – Heroes Wear Red

This band was originally called Bloodmoney but changed their name in 2007 to coincide with the release of their debut album Surviving September.  Love their sound and hope they have huge success in the future.  Here is their fantastic song “Bring Me Love”.

Music from South Africa – The Parlotones

I have previously done a post on this band The Parlotones, but now their new album Journey Through the Shadows has been released I wanted to share this fantastic album.  The band is on an extensive tour of the US right now and then on to Germany so check out tour dates and go see them if you can!  This is their great song “Save Your Best Bits” off of their new album.

The Parlotones official site

Music from South Africa – Civil Twilight

This is a really great three piece band from South Africa.  They have released three albums, with their latest release Holy Weather this year.  Civil Twilight are touring the US right now, see them if you can!  This is their great new single “Fire Escape”.

Music from South Africa – Nibs van der Spuy

Nibs van der Spuy is an acoustic guitarist from South Africa.    His music is very versatile and he is able  to cross pollinate various musical styles, from, African, Classical, Celtic, World, Maskanda, Indian and folk.  This is his song “Beautiful Feet”.