Music from Norway – Young Dreams

Young Dreams are a band from Bergen, Norway.  They have a new album Between Places.  This is the music video for the song “First Days of Something“.  The music video feels more like a short film with an excellent soundtrack.  The band describe their album is “about documenting and capturing the sound of people trying the best they can. And that’s maybe one of the most beautiful things in the world.”

Music from Norway – Team Me

Team Me are an indie band from Norway.  They play warm and rich orchestrated pop music.  They have just released their new album To the Treetops.  This is their song “Dear Sister” from their self titled debut album.

Music from Norway – A-HA

Anyone listening to the European invasion of music during the ’80s would remember this band.  A-HA are a Norwegian pop band formed in 1982 and playing their final concert in 2011.  This is their great ’80s hit “Take on me”.