Music from Germany – Boys Noize

Boys Noize is the stage name for Alexander Ridha of Hamburg, Germany.  He is a German electronic music producer and DJ.  Boys Noize has produced a lot of successful singles, Collaborations and remixes.  This is his latest single “What you Want”.

Music from Germany / US – Billy Idol (Black & Jones)

German electronic duo Black & Jones have released an album So80s (so eighties) presents Billy Idol.  It is a 2012 collection of remixes and album version of Billy Idols biggest hits.  This is Billy Idols classic song “White Wedding”.

Music from Germany – Fenster

Fenster is the duo of New Yorker-turned-Berliner JJ Weihl and Berlin-born Jonathan Jarzyna, that plays de-constructed pop music, layering subtle distortions, melodic chords and city soundscapes under dream narratives. Their sound and recording style has analog warmth, exploring the relationship between machine errors in their circuit-bent beats and the tactile use of objects and instrumentation.  This is the song “2.7XO17” off their new album Bones.