Music from Denmark – Sleep Party People

Sleep Party People is a danish band. Their music is a nice mix of dreampop, synthpop and indie. Listen to their great song “Everything Has An End”:

Music from Denmark – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

This is an electronic – pop/funk group that formed in Copenhagen in 2007.  They released their debit album Fruit in 2009 and their latest album Out of Frequency January of this year.  This is their first single “Heart Attack” off the new album.

Music from Denmark – Witch Cross

Witch Cross is a legendary heavy metal band from Denmark.  They are back after most thought they had vanished – Witch Cross will take to the stage at the prestigious “Keep It True Festival” in Germany April 27th.   There will be 3 original members with new members British singer Kevin Moore and guitarist Torben Aalykke.  This is their classic song “Are you There”.


Music from Denmark – Volbeat

Volbeat are classified as a heavy metal band, but I would disagree with that.  Heavy metal is not my scene but I really enjoy this band and would put them more in the genre of alternative rock. They have released four albums and won numerous awards.  This is my favourite song by them “Fallen“.

If you are having trouble viewing the video, check out the German version in comments ( thx Xandi)