Music from Canada – Patrick Watson

Patrick Watson is a singer-songwriter from Montreal, Canada.  Patrick Watson is also the name of his indie band, they received a nomination for New Artist of the Year at the 2007 Juno Awards.  Solo he has released one album and as the band they have released four albums, the most recent being Adventures in Your Own Backyard released in April 2012.  This is the single “Blackwind” off of that album.  The video was in the Top 5 of Genero Best Video of 2012.

Music from Canada – Silverstein

OK this one is strictly for fans of hardcore music.  Silverstein are a hardcore rock band out of Ontario that formed in 2000.  The band has released seven studio albums, the most recent being This is How the Wind Shifts.  This song is called “Massachusetts” and is off of the new album.

Music from Canada/South Africa – Zaki Ibrahim

Zaki Ibrahim was born in Canada, she is the daughter of a South African father and a Scottish mother.  While growing up she traveled back and forth from Canada to South Africa.  She is a hip-hop/soul singer now based in Cape Town, South Africa.  She has a new album Every Opposite.  This is her song “The Do.”

Music from Canada/Somalia – K’naan

K’naan was born in Somalia and spent most of his childhood in Mogadishu.  His real name Keynaan, means “traveler” in the Somali language.  When he was 13, K’naan and his family moved to Canada.  He rose to prominence with the success of his single “Wavin’ Flag”, which was chosen as Coca-Cola’s promotional anthem for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  We have featured other songs by K’naan on this site so also check them out.  This is one of my favourite called “Bang Bang” which was released in 2010 and features Adam Levine of Maroon 5.

Music From Canada – Japandroids

Japandroids are a rock duo out of Vancouver that formed in 2006.  They released their debut album Post-Nothing in 2009.  This is their new single “The House That Heaven Built” off of their latest album Celebration Rock.  The album is due for release June 5th.  Get ready to be woken up, this great rock song has some noisy chords and heavy drums!

Music from Lebanon/Canada – Karl Wolf

Karl Wolf is a Lebanese born Canadian musician.  He has been a singer songwriter, producer since 2001. He has released 4 studio albums, his latest Finally Free was released this year.  He has also done countless corroborations with other artists.   This is his song “Hurting”.

Music from Canada – Hey Ocean!

Hey Ocean! are a talented three piece band from Vancouver.  They have just released their third album IS, this album has catchy pop songs as well as haunting beautiful songs.  This is the song “Big Blue Wave” off of their previous album.


Music from Canada – Elisiane

Elisiane are from Montreal, Canada and are the duo of singer-songwriter Elsienna Caplette and drummer Stephane Sotto.  Their evocative compositions organically blend a pop sensibility with influences that range from classical music through jazz, rock and electronic.  This is “Underhelped” off of their brand new album Mechanics of Emotion.