Music from Austria – Elektroschneider

Actually this one is like a weekly recommendation for you. Elektroschneider is an austrian electro minimal house project from Graz. Listen to the nice song “Dialogue”:

Music from Germany – Schiller

Schiller is awesome!! My Name is Christopher von Deyhlen – and i am Schiller ! 10 words he always uses in his concerts to introduce himself. CvD is a musician from Germany working since 1998 under his alterego Schiller. Inspired by electronic music like tangerine dreams , Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre he produces “global pop” according to the music press. Listen to “Schiller”:

Music from Germany – David Keller

David Keller is a german deep techno, house and minimal music producer and remixer from Heidelberg. Have a listen to his great remix of “Little Lion Man” from Nina Nesbitt:

Music from Germany – Jonas K

It’s another of these days, full of german electronic music! Jonas K is a minimal DJ from Leipzig. “Free Yourself From The Chains” is his latest mix, and it’s amazing!!

Music from Germany – Elektro Design

Elektro Design is the minimal electronic music project of Arno Heiden from Bonn, Germany. Arno Heiden was born in 1980 who got more and more popular after winning the ‘Samsung DJ Your Life Contest 2’ with his nice track “You & Me”:

And his great brand-new 2012 free download set:

Music from the US/Chile – Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar is an american-chilean minimal, electro and house musician. Here’s his great “Fall 2008” mix!