Music from Germany – Electric Love

Electric Love , a Kickass  Punk Group from Stuttgart /South Germany founded i think in 2008. Another gig i saw on the Mini Rock Festival in Horb this year . They have been the startup band of the second festival day and have to play in the tent also on the small stage , due to the hot wheather and to the very early time (2:00pm) there have not been a lot of visitors on the festival field – the poor ones missed this great gig of these 4 faboulous musicians – two ladies on bass and rhthm guitar and two guys on lead guitar and drums .

Here is their song – Maybe

and another picture from the gig

electric love

Music from Germany – Abby

Abby is a indie-Pop Group from Berlin founded 2009. They play music influenced by the 70s mixed with electronic and classical influences. I´ve seen them last weekend at the Mini Rock Festival in Horb. They´ve played on the stage in the tent , it was really hot in there . The band members have been a little bit disappointed that their gig found not so much public as the gig of a hip hopper before, but okay that´s the sign of the times, that Hip Hop has more fans than their music , especially under the most younger public at this festival. Nethertheless i enjoyed their gig , all of them are really great artists on their instruments and especially the warm and powerful voice of the lead singer has to be mentioned – awesome !

Here is a song which has been used also as a jingle for the Musc TV Channel VIVA – Streets – enjoy the music !