Music from Brazil – Milton Nascimento

Milton Nascimento, born in 1942, is a brazilian guitarist and singer-songwriter. He’s a popular MPB artist and released more than 40 albums so far! Listen to his nice song “Canção da América”:

Music from Brazil- Chico Buarque

Today i want to talk about brazilian music. This is Chico Buarque , one of the most famous musicians in Brazil, and why is that?
His voice is not great, the melody is ok, but it’s all about the lyrics. This song named “Cálice” at the first sight is about Jesus talking to God that he does not want his destiny. But the word “Cálice”, which means “wine glass”, is very similar to “Cale-se” and it means “shut up”. Chico Buarque made this song for our dictatorial period in 1964. And back there all songs were censured. Well , our militaries weren’t smart, so this song passed.
This is a protest song, and Chico Buarque is important because he has fought for musical and political freedom of Brazil. Enjoy “Cálice”.

( In this version Milton Nascimento ,also a great musician, sings with Buarque).