Adjiri Odametey – Dzen

 Adjiri Odametey

Genre: World Music

©Adjiri Odametey
©Adjiri Odametey

The Ghanaian world musician Adjiri Odametey, born in 1963 in Accra and now living in Bavaria, released his fourth album called “Dzen” by africmelo records.

My first thoughts while I was listening to this amazing album: my soul travels far away.

The album “Dzen” demonstrates that the Ghanaian musician Adjiri Odametey has absulutely reached the top of African World Music. With his warm voice and heartful ryhthms he lets your soul travel through the different sounds of Ghana. Absolutely outstanding!

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Music from the US – Chiwoniso Maraire

Chiwoniso Maraire is a great singer and Mbira player from New York, born in 1976. Here’s her excellent song “Usacheme” on the mbira:

Music from Zimbabwe – John Chibadura

John Chibadura is a Zimbabwean sungura musician, born in 1957. With his band Tembo Brothers, he was best known for great rumbira music, as a mix of , mbira and rumba. Here’s his reggae masterpiece “Zuva Rekufa Kwangu”:

Music from Zimbabwe – Zhakata

Zhakata is a zimbabwean musician born in 1968.  He’s best known for sungura songs in the shona language. I really like his music, it’s “real” World Music for me. Here’s his great song “Rwendo Rwembiri”:

Music from Zimbabwe – Thomas Mapfumo

As you know, the Mbira is one of the most exciting instruments for me: just a little finger-piano with great sounds. And one of its maestro’s is the Zimbabwean musician Thomas Mapfumo. Here’s his nice song “Nyama Yekugocha”:

Listen to Shumba

Music from Zimbabwe – Mbira DzeNharira

You know, I really like mbira music, so it’s time for more: The Mbira DzeNharira is a zimbabwean music ensemble playing Mbira songs. Here’s their great song “Tozvireva Tingaputike Neshungu”:

Listen to Kumatender

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