Music from France – Christophe Chassol

Really an unusual musician and composer. His arrangements cannot be classified , using electronic equipment ,using loops and combining them with his piano play.

He calls his project : Visualizing Harmony

Christopher Chassol is born 1976 in Martinique . According to wikipedia he gets his inspriation from musicians as Miles Davis , The Cure , Strawinsky and Ennio Morricone . EDIT : I know it´s not mainstream music , but that´s the reason why i´ve choose it .

Music from Martinique – Kali

Kali (Jean-Marc Mournerville) lives in the hills of Martinique and espouses a philosophy that parallels Rastafarianism. His musical career has been dedicated to the revival of Antillean music and exploring the roots of zouk. Over the years his lyrical content has always defended moral values consistently dealing with issues such as slavery, economic oppression and racism. Here is the song “Monté la riviè “