Music from Portugal – Humanos

Humanos (Portuguese for Humans) is the name of a musical band from Portugal formed in 2004. The idea behind it was to bring to light some unreleased songs by a famous Portuguese artist, a singer-songwriter from the 1980s, António Variações,who died in 1984 .
David Fonseca, Manuela Azevedo (the lead singer of another Portuguese music group, Clã), Camané (one of the most famous Portuguese fadistas), Sérgio Nascimento (a member of Sérgio Godinho’s band), Hélder Gonçalves (also from Clã), Nuno Rafael and João Cardoso are the seven members of a group responsible for what became an unmatched success at that point in the Portuguese music scene.

The funny song “Maria Albertina”

Music from Portugal – Virgem Suta

Virgem Suta is another portuguese banda formed by Nuno Figueiredo and Jorge Benvinda . Manuela Azevedo, the Clã’s singer, also sings in this song .
This video was made in the region where i live, Alentejo. This is the landscape that surrounds me in the summer, if i walk a few km

The song “Linhas Cruzadas”