Music from the US/ Armenia – Ryan Weber

Ryan Weber starting his own solo project “REW<<” is best known for beeing part of Eric & Magill, where he wrote some pieces, e.g. ‘All those I know’. Born in Wisconsin, US, he grew up and started playing some music with friends there. He’s a part armenian and was traveling around the world for some years, getting influenced by different music styles as Lingala and Tarab music from Kenya. While he wrote REW<< , he was traveling back to the United States after living in Kenya for two years. He describes this record as his emotions he felt while traveling and ending a chapter in his life. Ryan Weber wrote and recorded in hotel rooms in Kenya, India, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia. He describes this in this way: ‘I think rather than being influenced by genre, I’m influenced by my surrounding, music is a component of surrounding, but not the whole, as am I, thus I try to channel what I’m feeling in that setting.’ Listen to “Departeueres“, an amazing collection of records, fitting perfectly here. Thanks Ryan Weber for these amazing sounds!

“While listening to Ryan Weber’s album “Departeueres” you could really chill down and enjoy these amazing soft dream pop melodies”

Music from Malaysia – Toi

Toi is a Malaysian R&B group performing songs with traditional instruments. Here’s their version of Rihanna’s “Umbrella“, played with the Angklung, a traditional bamboo instrument:

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Music from Malaysia – Sheila Majid

Sheila Majid is a Malaysian jazz singer. Here’s her song “Lagenda“, a tribute to the pioneering Malaysian entertainment icon, the actor, director, singer, song-writer P. Ramlee.

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