Music from Lithuania – Bix

In the 1980s, rock bands like  Foje, Antis, and Bix made a big impactin Lithuania. I would say it´s the eastern answer on the new wave scene coming up in the 80´s from the Uk . Here is Bix with their song Betono Vaikai .

Eurovision Song Contest: Lithuania – Donny Montell

Today, another artsit who will represent his country in Baku at the Eurovison Song Contest in 2012. Here’s Donny Montell, a pop musician from Lithuania with his song “Love Is Blind“:

Listen to all other Eurovison Song Contest artists here:

Music from Lithuania – Marijonas, Mantas, Mia

Today, I present you some music from Lithunia, it’s the officail song for the EuroBasket2011 and it’s great. I liked this EuroBasket, it was nice! Marijonas, Mantas, Mia-“Celebrate Basketball“:

This was a Music-Suggestion from Kristina, but can you say me the interpret of the other song, you sent to me?