Music from Portugal – Samuel Úria & Tiago Bettencourt

Samuel Úria, born in 1979, is a portuguese musician. Together with Tiago Bettencourt, a Portuguese singer who was born in Coimbra, and now lives in Lisbon they are playing the wonderful song “Romagem à Lapa”:

Music from Portugal – Rodrigo Leão

Rodrigo Leão is a Portuguese musician and composer, born in Lisbon in 1964. He began to be known through the bands “Sétima Legião” and “Madredeus”.

Feliz Natal!

Music from Portugal – Tiago Bettencourt

Tiago Bettencourt is a Portuguese singer who was born in Coimbra, and now lives in Lisbon. Listen to his fantastic piece “Canção de Engate”:

Music from Angola – Bonga Kuenda

Bonga Kuenda, Icon of Angolan music Bonga is on first-name terms with the stars and has given true meaning to the concept (albeit multifaceted) of ‘Africanness’. From Luanda to Rotterdam, Paris to Lisbon, and everywhere else, Bonga belongs to that caste of African singers who have sublimated their roots. His rasping, powerful voice is immediately identifiable and anyone listening to his albums remains entranced from start to finish. With its eighteen tracks, this “Best of” illustrates a fascinating career that spans different periods and continents with the Atlantic Ocean as its connecting thread.

He was born José Adelino Barcelo de Carvalho in Kipri in 1943, but changed his name to Bonga Kuenda when he reached his teens, already showing a keen awareness of the realities of Portuguese colonialism. He learned about music from his father, a fisherman and accordionist, and rapidly grasped its potential impact when linked to the political aspirations of his generation and an inexhaustible melancholic vein. Here is the song “Kambua”

listen too Mulemba Xangola.


Christmas songs: Music from Portugal – Luísa Sobral

Merry Christmas to all of you and thank you for enjoying the Portuguese music.

In portuguese :-)


And now, Luisa Maria Vilar Braamcamp Sobral (18 September 1987) is an Portuguese singer and songwriter. Her recent Christmas song: “Natal Mais Uma Vez”