Music from Portugal – Carlos do Carmo and Bernardo Sassetti

Carlos do Carmo, one of the historic names of fado, will receive  a Grammy for his work next November . The decision was taken unanimously by the Governing Council of the Latin Academy (Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) and was communicated directly to the singer on the afternoon of Monday, June 30, and announced on Tuesday officially to the press. It is the first time a Portuguese receive a Grammy.

This song, “Cantigas do Maio”, was written by José Afonso. The piano is played by Bernardo Sassetti, who sadly died 2 years ago.

Music from Portugal – Tiago Bettencourt & Mantha

Tiago Bettencourt is a Portuguese singer who was born in Coimbra, and now lives in Lisbon. Working together with Mantha they are a great duo! Listen to their awesome song “Eu Esperei”:

Music from Portugal/Angola – Batida

This sound I heard today on the radio is a biti of Kuduro, Semba with elements, which crosses the electronic psychedelia with Afro. Xeueh! (I did not know it!!).

“Batida” had used archival footage of the Carnival of Luanda in the 70’s, mixed with current household routines.


Music from the UK/Portugal – Walter Benjamin

Today I heard, for the first time,  the voice of Walter Benjamin – portuguese singer / songwriter. He lives in London but he was born in Lisbon.

His song “Airports And Broken Hearts” from the album “The Imaginary Life of Rosemary and Me”


Music from Portugal – Rodrigo Leão e Lula Pena

Rodrigo Leão is a Portuguese musician and composer. Born in Lisbon in 1964, he became known through the bands Sétima Legião and Madredeus.

Lula Pena (Lisbon, May 15, 1974), is a Portuguese singer.

The song “Pasión”

Hear this beautiful  music too