Music from Germany – Lukas Meister

Lukas Meister is a germany acoustic pop and singer-songwriter from Freiburg. He released his first album ‘Wanderjahre’ today. I’m absolutely excited, it’s so damn good! Listen to his song “Weiter”:

Music from Germany – Heinrich Heine & Friedrich Silcher

Heinrich Heine, born in 1797 was a german poet. Friedrich Silcher, born in 1789, was a german composer, best known for his Lieder. Listen to “Die Lorelei”; text by H.Heine, music by F. Silcher, and voice by Peter Seiffert:

Music from Germany/Bavaria – Martina Schwarzmann

Martina Schwarzmann, born in 1979, is a bavarian kabarett musician. Her nice pieces are in our great dialect – BAVARIAN! Listen to her nice song “A bsuffana Single”:

Music from Germany – Wader, Mey und Wecker

Maybe the greatest three german “Liedermacher”, Hannes Wader, Reinhard Mey and Konstantin Wecker. Here’s their political song about soldiers, called “Es ist an der Zeit”: