Music from the Nigeria/US – Iyeoka Okoawo

yeoka Okoawo is a Nigerian/American poet, recording artist, singer and activist. Her music includes elements from Soul, R&B, Rock, Hip-Hop and Jazz. Listen to her great song “Simply Falling”:

Music from Namibia – Ras Sheehama

Ras Sheehama, born in 1966 in northern Namibia is a Namibian reggae musician. The political pro-SWAPO stance of his father forced him into exile in 1979 to Angola and Zambia. During the time at a highschool in Lagos, Nigeria between 84 and 88 he played in several Reggae bands. Here´s his song “Pure Love”

Music from the US/Nigeria – The Piano Guys ft. Alex Boyé

I already presented you the Piano Guys with their Star Wars Battle, and here’s their African version of Coldplay’s Paradise(Original version here) with Alex Boyé, share it!

Found this on Mormon Soprano :)

Music from Nigeria/France – Asa

Asa, born in Nigeria is Nigerian-French singer and songwriter, who is known for soul and jazz music. Here’s her song “Peace“, Peace for all!

This was a Music-Suggestion from Monica, thanks!