Music from Denmark – Lasse Matthiessen

Lasse Matthiessen is a danish singer-songwriter, born in Kopenhagen and now living in Berlin. He describes his music as moving between the coordinates of slowmotion, melancholy, and folk. Listen to his absolutely amazing song “Seven Ravens”:

Music from Denmark – Tina Dico

Tina Dico (born 14 October 1977 in Aarhus Åbyhøj as Tina Dickow) is a Danish pop singer and songwriter. In her home country she is active under her birth name Dickow, for the international market, she chose the stage name Dico.

Here is her song ” Count to Ten ” featuring Jonathan Kluth .

Music from Denmark – The Blue Van

The Blue Van is a danish Rockband from Bronderslev, the band settled in 2003 to Kopenhagen, Denmark. In 2005 they reeleased their first album and get successfull with publishing their song in TV series like Royal Pains , 90210 or Navy CIS. The blue Van is named after the blue transporter which take you to the lunatic asylum (Irrenanstalt/asile dálienes) Here is their song from their 2008 album “Man up”