Music from the US – Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash , born 26. Februar 1932 as J. R. Cash in Kingsland, Arkansas, USA; † 12. September 2003 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, died 10 years ago , this was one of his favourite songs – Meet me in heaven

Music from South Corea – Youn Sun Nah

Youn Sun Nah (born 28 August 1969 in Seoul, South Korea) is a South Korean jazz singer and songwriter. With 23 years she startet her carreer with the Orchestra of South Corea . Later in 1995 she studied Music  in Paris at the CIM , one of the oldest Jazz High Schools in the World . Later she played in several clubs as mamber of a Jazz Quintet and won a lot of prizes . Her is her cover version of Metallica´s “Enter Sandman” and of the Johnny Cash (Nine Inch Nail ) song “Hurt ”

If you wann read more about the song “Hurt ” have a look on my blog from yesterday :

Music from the UK/US – Joe Strummer & Johnny Cash

Today is cover day , i found this one after i´ve posted the Bob Marley Heavy Metal remake ( see the post before) one of my most beloved Marley Songs the “Redemption Song ” performed by Joe Strummer ( The Clash ) and the  unforgotten Johnny Cash .

Music from the US – Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash(1932-2003) also known as Man in Black was a great country , gospel, blues, rock n’roll and folk musician from Arkansas, who would have celbrated his 80th birthday yesterday. I really love his music and have three of his CDs. Here’s on of my favourites from him, “Daddy Sang Bass“: