Music from Canada – Loreena McKennitt

Loreena McKennitt, born in 1957, is a Canadian celtic, new age and world musician. With over 14 million sold records, the daughter whose parents ere of Scottish and Irish descendent, she is one of the most popular celtic musicians. Listen to her great piece “Tango to Evora”:

Music from the US – Gaelic Storm

Gaelic Storm, formed in 1996, is an Irish-Celtic band from Santa Monica, US. Listen to their nice song “Black is the Colour”:

Here’s a short compilation of their new album Chicken Boxwer from 2012:

Music from the US – Crooked Still

Crooked Still is an alternative bluegrass band consisting of vocalist Aoife O’Donovan, banjo player Dr. Gregory Liszt, bassist Corey DiMario, cellist Tristan Clarridge and fiddler Brittany Haas. They are known for their high energy, technical skill, unusual instrumentation, and innovative acoustic style. Here is their song “Did you sleep well ”