Music from Portugal – Corvos

“Corvos” is an uncommon band in the Portuguese music scene. It consists of four elements with classical music training but playing rock themes.

I present you the string quartet and drummer with two songs:

“Burning Down the House”

“Suspiro Nocturno”

Music from Ireland – God is an Astronaut

God is an Astronaut are an instrumental/space rock band that formed in 2002.  They have released five albums, the most recent being Age of the Fifth Sun in 2010.  This is their 2009 single “When Everything Dies”.

Music from US – Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles

Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles is a instrumental rock band from New Jersey,formed in 2008. The name name is taken from a Chinese-Japanese movie. Hope you enjoy ” Brick City Love Song”.

Music from Congo – Jean Bosco Mwenda

This a song on an acoustic guitar of Jean Bosco Mwenda from Congo. He is also known as Mwenda wa Bayeke, and he was a pioneer of Congolese fingerstyle acoustic guitar music. This is a “compilation”??

Jean Bosco MwendaMasanga – Masanga( instrumental )