Wir und die Anderen – unsichtbar

Wir und die Anderen (WudA): unsichtbar

Genre: Acoustic Hip-Hop


The german acoustic hip-hop band Wir und die Anderen (WudA) from Ingolstadt released their first album ‘unsichtbar’ the 1st march 2013. Now we got it, and I’ve to say it’s amazing!

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Music from Germany – Letters to You

Letters to You is a talented german indie acoustic combo from Ingolstadt. Their sound is still a bit unique, singing to their relaxed rythms, their music gets a special touch. Their second EP “True Words of Life”, is really amazing and full of indie mixed with acoustic. Exactly the right for this fogy fall… ;)

Dowload the EP free here on their Website

And “Coming Home” from the EP “True Words of Life Remixes”:

Music from Germany – Wir und die Anderen

Wir und die Anderen is an Ingolstadt based acoustic pop and hip-hop and band. Really like their music, so here’s their second song here, called “König der Lüfte”:

Really a great one. Enjoy it ;)