The xworldmusic public award winner: THE DENTALS

Who of you may have thought this – the swiss indie pop band The Dentals won our xworldmusic public award for the best song in 2012 for “Give Me A Second Chance”. Actually, it’s not just for this song, also for their great album “Tennessee“, and their really funny alco pop music! At all, they got 60 of 104 votes!

Public Award 2012

Congrats to them, and may they have a great future!

Music from the US – Math And Physics Club

Math And Physics Club, are a Seattle-based indie pop band. Here’s their nice song “Darling, Please Come Home”:

Ron Jambo: The Exclusive Interview

You remember Ron Jambo, a great indie pop band from Munich. Yesterday, they sent me an interview, which we worked out in spring 2012 ;)

Our interview partner is Tobi, thanks so much!

World Music: How did Ron Jambo become a band?
Just left a band and was looking for people to start something new. Olli moved to Munich in fall 2009 and also needed something to start over, musically speaking. From a bank assistant he somehow got a list of people he knew were looking for a band. Olli mailed me, we both were interested, we jammed and TADA! It worked ;) After rehearsing for almost a year with a drummer I knew from my old band, we found Andy in March 2011 and started to play gigs then.

Music from Switzerland – The Dentals

The Dentals are a great swiss indie pop band from formed in 2002. Here’s their awesome catchy song “I’m An Artist”, hope you’ll enjoy it!

Just a link:

Music from Switzerland – The Dentals

The Dentals are an indie pop band from formed in 2002. Here’s their nice song “Career For Beer” from the new album Tennessee, releasing 25 may 2012:

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