Music from Iceland – Sykur

Sykur is an electronica band from Iceland. Here’s their nice song “Swedish Snowboard Girl”:

Listen to Messy Hair too!

Music from Iceland – Latínudeildin

Latínudeildin is an icelandic award winning band, founded in 1993. For me it’s absolutely great, that they make romantic latin music as an Icelandic band! Listen to their great song “Havana” from their album Latin Faculty:

Music from Iceland – Beatmaking Troopa

Music from Iceland is always worth listening! For sure, Beatmaking Troopa is a downtempo, nu-jazz and electronica producer. Listen to his awesome relaxing “Let it all fall down”:

Music from Iceland – Múm

Múm are an elecronic and experimental group from Iceland, formed in 1997. Their music is made out of computers and acoustic instruments. They released six albums so far, and are well known in Iceland. Here’s their nice song “The Ballad of the Broken Birdie Records”:

Music from Iceland – FM Belfast

FM Belfast is an electronica band from Iceland, formed in 2005. Listen to their great song “Underwear”:

Music from Iceland – Bubbi Morthens

Bubbi Morthens, born in 1956, is a singer and songwriter from Iceland. He is very popular and sold many albums in Iceland, but not so many in the rest of the world. Here’s his nice song “Sem Aldrei Fyrr”: